The Summer Blockbuster Event of 2019 is Here!

The most anticipated and incredibly overhyped of the Marvel heroes has finally been put to the silver screen!

We couldn’t be more excited to see Cap’n ‘Murica and his neph-son sidekick Deploraboy chase down the evil Dr. Libtard and his cat Snowflake as they attempts to destroy the world supplies of covfefe and hamberders.  OH, THE HUMANITY!


Dr. Libtard’s right hand man, The Hamberdgler is behind the mayhem and destruction of the most valuable commodity in the industrialized world.

Directed by Michael Moore and produced by the Coors Brewery, this 180 minute feature is filmed in black and white (because a world without covfefe and hamberders just has no color.  Except maybe orange), it promises to be a cinematic experience for the whole family, in spite of it’s NC-17 rating.



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