Latest drug trend baffles police

Doctors have discovered truth to the adage, "pooping your brains out." 11 year old Hugh Jelog from Dust, Iowa was rushed to the emergency room after drinking two full bottles of Kaopectate. His mother reported hearing screams and crying for 2 hours before investigating. She found her son standing by the toilet with blood everywhere. 

Police were called in after 7 other people were brought in under similar circumstances. None could remember anything except pain in the bottoms. Doctors and law enforcement worked together to determine that all 8 teenagers had in fact defecated out part of their brain. The new trend, called bottom bricking, is sweeping the nation. Information is being sent to retailers to keep their Kaopectate locked away. 

Hugh stated that he wasn't drinking the Kaopectate to get high. He had been backed up and the bottle said it was for diarrhea. Rather than giving him diarrhea, Hugh didn't go to the bathroom for three weeks. When he did finally go, it was a bread-sized brick, followed by one-third of his cerebellum. Doctors successfully repaired his brain but stated concerns about what the future will bring.

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