Ready To Storm Area 51?

Planning On Storming Area 51?


What You Need To Know!


The owners of Area 50 and Area 52 are opening up their land to visiting stormers.


We at Denver Planet have some tips for you.


Area 50 is going to be open for vending, food trucks, and specialty booths.  (Due to extremely high demand, the anal probe booth will be limited to one probing per customer per day.) Bring cash, as cell service for square payments and atm machines will not be available.


Area 52 is open to tents and RVs, camping spaces will range from the economy spaces for as little as $75 per to $500 for the luxury, shaded spots overlooking the festivities at Area 51.


Porta-potties will be provided and we have been assured that the US Government and the authorities from Zeta Reticuli will provide plenty of fresh water and emergency rations for the ill prepared.



Be sure to stop by the Denver Planet Booth in space 18, to be part of the Team Infinity gate crashed team and sign up for our next of kin notification service.


See you there!

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