Sasquatch Causing Pacific Northwest Salmon Extinction?

In the past few decades it has become common knowledge that the native salmon population of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States has been under attack. Commercial fishing, climate change, and man-made hydroelectric dams that impede the annual salmon spawn migration have all taken their toll. But recently a potential new culprit has emerged.
According to multiple eye witness accounts including the testimony from a man named Rudy Tobin, the Salmon killler may not be who we think he is. Rudy Tobin, a life long resident of the small town of Shelton, Washington, Believes he has seen multiple instances of "Large, hairy gorilla like men" poaching salmon in our own backyard. Mr. Tobin claims that these "Sasquatches" used home woven nets to gather the fish and Rudy even claims to own multiple polaroid photographs of this currently unknown salmon assassin in action.

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