Nazi Tree Spotted Making Racist Hand Gesture

Nazi Tree - Infinity +1 Snews

A recent trip to the Joshua Tree National Park has shocked one family into protests. The Steinem family was enjoying a family road trip when a they spotted the tree, now dubbed as the "Nazi Tree." 

"We were having a great trip. My oldest child, Dandelion-starseed, was humming a wonderful tune about freedom of the soul," said Mothersoul Steinem. My partner, who now goes by ObamaHeart, calmly pointed out our biggest fear. Nature has been swayed by the Alt-Right and now National Parks aren't even safe to avoid persecution."

The family spotted the tree in question, which was giving the controversial "okay" gesture. The gesture has been used for decades as it's name implies, to say "okay." It was touted in a 4Chan troll that the gesture is actually a known racist depiction indicating alliance with the Alt-Right.

Not to be left in the back row, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released a statement apologizing to the family and noted that moving forward, the United States needs to offer free counseling to those who have been emotionally assaulted by the over-oppressive Alt-Right mother nature, and that she'll be putting in a new addition to the Green Deal that has a zero tolerance policy for all racist plant life and flora.

"I still can't believe it. My chakras still haven't aligned after such a vicious assault. I've been adding knapweed to my kambucha to help heal my torn soul. It was sweet of AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] to reach out and give us her kind words. We need to take a positive, progressive stance against the effect the Alt-Right is having on our ecosystem."


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