In recent reporting of World, State and Local News, including and not including Weather and Sports, local reporters are at it once again and out to win you over with real news stories and some people who expressed their interest on social media outlets now feel that “Real News” is just not so real anymore and that “Fake News” or “Snews” is getting the most attention from possibly fake and real news sources alike.

These news and snews stories go on to say that your local news might be real or that it could be fake and that it has fake and real news sources from local business owners, all of their desperate and slave-driven employees, banks owners and their money handlers , laborers working in all fields, lazy people that just do not want to work, literate and non-literate readers, grammar police specialists, crackheads and methheads included, pillheads, drug dealers including weed dealers (legal or not), rap or better known as C-Rap (CRap) artists and wannabe's, country singers, local and not so local band owners, let's not forget the historical bands called rock groups, keyboard commandos, Internet toughguys, scienticians, all local and non-local farmers and ranchers including farm and ranch hands, any and all legal and illegal immigrants that work for them, country folk in general, local, world and any other snews reporters as well.

Fact-checking, provocative headlines, shocking information analysis, clickbait, news strategies including the act of dissemination, made-up news, real news, bogus, fake and real news reports, knowledge of spotting real and fake news, fiction and its cohort non-fiction, source checking and familiarization, legitimate and non-legitimate news and fake news sources, digital censorship, strategy desensitization, mendacious claims research, hyprocritical and disingenuous writers, author verification, core knowledge and classroom testing is among the skills needed to be able to spot real and fake news.


This story is based on the Copyright act of 1976 and no infringement or pun is intended.

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