The heat is so hot this year that here in Texas we have installed even more fans all the way from the Gulf, into the Plains and on up into the Hill Country as far as the eye can see and it is projected to continue on up and into 2020 and way beyond.

The 'Texas Air Commission Office' or (TACO) have said in a phone interview to us yesterday that the heat again this year is too hot even for the local and non-local natives that were and were not born and raised in here Texas and it's so hot here that the locals and non-locals are screaming and hollering for more fans so they are getting their wish and that the installation of more fans is going to happen for many more years to come in all areas of the state.

The TACO Officials also said that more fans are projected to be installed across the state lines and all the way into Oklahoma territory and New Mexico by the end of summer and on into 2020, 2021, 2022, 420 and 2025.

Officials in Arizona have said that they would like to get in on the fan installations so they could be able to slow border traffic and to comfort illegal immigrants quoted as saying that they will stop for a fanning instead of running and/or moving/walking as fast while trying to go north into the extremes of the Arizona heat sighting less Fiesta's and more Siesta's along their illegal walking paths and migrant trips mapped to the north all the way in to Nevada.

As we were driving through one of the old rustic towns in our Snews van with the A/C running in search for interviews of the fans, we rolled our electric powered window down when we saw a local non-illegal resident and native as he was walking north down the road and after we asked for an interview he screamed “Hell No” to us so we screamed back and asked him what he thought about the new fans being installed all over the state and then all of a sudden he stopped, turned toward us and said “Them's some big ass fans and we like'm, they help with the air flow and the smell and I'm heading over to where one of the new ones are so I can cool my ass off, yall aint here to take'm back down are ya?”, that was all we got from him because he started walking again after we said “No”.

This next thing we didn't understand however from what looked like an illegal alien walking really fast down the same road said after we screamed at him: “How do you like those fans?” and he screamed back at us: “hola f-tu madre fuca y jode a tus fans, no necesitamos fanáticos apestosos”. We here at the Snews team did not understand him.

More from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Old Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Minnesota and Arizona as we hear more about Texas' biggest fans.

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