Immediate Job Openings in North Korea

북한에 즉각적인 일자리 창출

All positions available including and not including special interest jobs. Salary commensurate with experience. Personal factors such as your demonstrated hard and soft skills, level of education, history in the sector of industry and relevant work experience will be evaluated on the job. Education and work experience not necessary. You must be able to pass a standard (minimal) drug and alcohol test. Applicants must be willing to relocate immediately. Legible resume is required, non-legible resumes will be shredded immediately.


Karaoke Club Singers, Weed Growers, On The Job Training Specialists including and not including Restaurant managers and employees with all aspects of experience, Grocery supply with all aspects of experience including sackers needed immediately, Psychiatrists needed ASAP, Doctors, MDA, PDA, MD, MDPA, UA, NON-Union PA's, ND, CNA's, PISSS, POO Cleaning and Observation Specialists, Therapist/Speech Language Pathologist, NON-ND's, Homeopathic/Holistic Healers and Health Guru's needed, Union Nurses, NON-Union LVN's and basic hospital employees including sanitation employees needed immediately also, Basic and not so basic massage therapists with minor, major and masterbator degrees in flexology, hard and soft skills is a plus, and 6-9 way contortionist expert with excellent experience and background including personal references needed ASAP.


빌어 먹을 간호사



All aspects of Satellite Technicians with experience in all aspects of satellite technology including scienticians in the field, Truck Drivers with OTR short distance experience needed, Taxi Drivers needed, Filmmakers needed with experience working in documentary and scanty specialty, camera operators and still photographers needed immediately, Street corner vendors and actors needed.


Oilfield jobs are also available coming sometime soon within the next projected 10-50+ years including the need for drilling rig corporations and companies as well as operators needed to play and drill for oil and gas as well as poison gas exploration specialists, land men needed with experience in land inspection a plus are needed immediately, oilfield floor and deckhands needed, motormen, electricians and welders with diving and evacuation experience a plus but not necessary.

There are more jobs than we can list here, the above job openings need to be filled immediately and you must be willing and able to depart immediately for any position granted and hired for.

Must be willing to travel to all corners and borders in and out of the country of North Korea at any time of the day or night.

Must have passport and all available work permits for any positions applied, also and including with your passport you must have all immunizations and shot records available including syphilis, gonorrhea, aids and herpes vaccine is a requirement, Must be willing to re-relocate immediately in case of SHTF and military unrest, Must get along well with all foreigners regardless of race, color or creed including the locals in that country and you must not communicate harshly with the locals there as not to offend.

Must speak, be able to read, write and also be able to translate North Korean and all of its nine corners dialect affluently, no exceptions accepted.

Military training and background is a plus. Firearms training with excellent marksmanship experience is a plus. Ex-CIA operatives with experience and history of working in the North Korea region need not apply. However, Night-Lifers can apply but we ask that you don't use your real name, we do allow pseudonyms for special working and non-working positions.

All applicants must be willing to work one on one and in close proximity with crisis and evacuation planning coordinators and local government officials before, during and after SHTF.

Contact our internal human resources department for more information.

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