HIP-HOP or RAP, BETTER KNOWN AS C-RAP (CRAP) is being banned from TV in China

A story that we have been following for many years now has come to a head in the rap communities felt all over the world.  Rappers are very upset about this move from China saying that this could be the end of violent, vulgar, insensitive, demeaning, and an all together end to hip-hop all over the world.  China wants other countries to follow in their communique message to rid rap world wide in an effort to save its youth while they are still young and impressionable.


Just look at a few of some of the thousands of social media comments and replies from super keyboard commandos that we found and read for you on the Inanet from all over the world through various social media outlets:

Hip hop isn’t like it used to be.. all or most of the artists are drugged out and the lyrics in the songs are another story.. heck! Why can’t America ban that crap too?? 

Hip hop has been used as a weapon against blacks here in the US. China is doing what's in the best interest of there people. Brilliant move

Think the hip hop of today only glorifying foolishness and trash the lyrics doesn’t even have a theme unbelievable I think they should banned it the USA too ..

Can you blame them? Why let it corrupt their youth? The fratricide in Black America is all because of the influence of gangsta rap and the FCC's poor decision to let it flourish throughout the airwaves. It is nothing but "fire in a crowded theater" as Black mothers grieve the loss of their dead, injured, and incarcerated sons.

I believe some HIP HOP has mislead our youth . With single parent homes being at an all time high Youth are seeking mentors unfortunately it impacts them negatively


More on this and other stories as we get the doss down and more crap arises.

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