Missoula Planet

2018 Montana Vape Fest
05/15/2018 - 8:00pm

Starting this morning in the upper Rattlesnake area, the second annual Montana Vape Fest was off to a thrilling start.

Kim Jong Un looking like Dennis Rodman
05/11/2018 - 1:52am

Kim Jon Un has recently agreed to peace terms with South Korea, stating Donald Trump as an inspiration but also giving credit to his American counterpart, Dennis Rodman.

Worldwide Japanese Fighting Fish Deathmatch
05/04/2018 - 6:03pm

The 100th year celebration of the Worldwide Japanese Fighting Fish Deathmatch was nothing shy of a blockbuster. Normally reserved for the elite from the Eastern part of the globe, this year they opened the doors up for celebrities worldwide.

Infinity Wars Titanic Poster
05/01/2018 - 9:37pm

**Warning: Spoilers**

The reviews are in. Infinity Wars is a box office smash.  Making an estimated $640 million on its opening weekend, it has pushed 'The Fate of the Furious' to number two for opening weekend profits.

Freshwater Bullshark seen near Kelly Island
05/01/2018 - 3:55pm

The word shark only strikes fear to those who frequent the oceans. It now has a more broadened spectrum with which it can attack with fear. Cold water sharks have made their way into Montana.

Bill Cosby promotes Commissary Ramen Jell-o Pudding
04/27/2018 - 11:53pm

In the wake of all of the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby, Jell-O has decided to stand by their man and continue to use him as a spokesman as long as they can.

04/27/2018 - 12:19am

The iPhone X has come out with a new feature to help consumers in the battle against fake news.

04/25/2018 - 11:05pm

Anal bleaching has now officially become racist after a petition with enough signatures reached the senate. The new law was added after a short 15 minute briefing on the hill.

Bill and Hillary Clinton attempt to silence Barbara Bush
04/18/2018 - 10:24pm

The passing of former first lady Barbara Bush, born Barbara Pierce, was no less shocking than it was tragic. She left behind a legacy of universal literacy and ironically, a son (George) who is mostly illiterate.

04/16/2018 - 12:17pm

Snapchat has released a new filter that some may call bizarre while others will say it only helps those who feel embarrassed.