Woman Catches Man Viewing Her Profile

Woman Catches Man on her instagram

As social media gains momentum, more people are finding themselves being seen by eyes they have never thought of. Technology is pushing the paces for this hunt, and phones are becoming more powerful. This all came together last Tuesday as a Montana woman was at work and saw her customer looking at her Instagram.

Missoula resident Leigha Abiitcch was at work at a local restaurant when she overheard two men talking about girls on Instagram. Having a narcissistic Instagram herself, she was intrigued to see who they were looking at. To her astonishment, she found that one of the men was looking at her Instagram. 

"I was shocked. I mean, I put up these pictures to get people to look at my Instagram, but I don't want to see it. Do hookers carry mirrors? No. They don't."

Leigha was so distraught by the action that she immediately ran to the kitchen to check her makeup in a clean spatula.

The man was never confronted, by Infinity +1 Snews was able to track him down. The man wishes to remain anonymous, so we'll refer to him as Chief. Chief said he wasn't interested in Leigha, but wanted to show his friend what women will do to get men's attention online.

This peaks the question, is it wrong to "troll" someone's profile if you don't know them? Or is that along the same parallel as watching them from the street.

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