Wolf Like Creature Shot In Montana DNA Results Released

Wolf Like Creature Shot In Montana Has Unusual DNA Results

The wolf like creature shot in Denton last week had its DNA returned and the results are startling. 

The My Ancestry results came back as

10% African American 
30% Scottish
45% New Wales
72% Latin American 

Montana Fish and Game said this is the first 45% New Wales they have had in the state and believe it may have been here illegally. Fish and Game also gave tips on how to react in a situation if you came face to face with one.

“First thing you should do is apologize to the animal and offer yourself as a sacrifice for the human race, if that fails, your next step is to politely ask if the animal is indeed a shape shifter, if you believe the animal to be a shape shifter or it answers you then put your wrist in its mouth. These are important steps to follow when dealing with wild animals”- Corporal Freed Dong FPG

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