Vape Rally Starts Wildfire Season

2018 Montana Vape Fest

Starting this morning in the upper Rattlesnake area, the second annual Montana Vape Fest was off to a thrilling start. Weirdos from all across the state gathered to embark on what was to be "the world's largest vape fest." Comprised of almost 14 people, The Montana Vape Fest seemed like a nice way to get a poutpourri across the valleys. That is, until one careless vaper showed up with a custom built MacGregor Ohm 3.0 that sent spark flying into some dry brush igniting what is to be the first wildfire of the 2018 season.

The fest quickly dispersed to their usual locations outside of downtown businesses. They claim that this is just a minor setback and the Vape Fest will pick up again after the "smoke" clears.

Smoke has started filling the Missoula Valley at a fast rate. Initially, the smoke smelled of strawberry bubblegum and passion berry. The feminine fragrances were quickly masked by the burning pine trees and dead animals. 

We haven't received word on the exact size of the blaze or how much has been burnt. These details will be released as we get them.

More as it develops.

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