Trump Wastes No Time In Bombing Syria

U.S. Team The Justice League over Allepo
Trump fronts on Un and Assad

President Donald Trump has announced tonight that the United States will actively be engaging in bombing sequences of various Syrian cities.

The press conference aired shortly after 8 p.m. EST. Trump stated the Basha al-Assaad has possibly carried out chemical attacks against his own people, which is not our people, but we’ll be responding as if it was our people. These attacks strategically took place after the United States announced it would be pulling the last of its troops out of Syria, but now have reason to launder… I mean spend money on war mongering in the Middle East for a few more years.

Not being one to hold back on having the top-dogs carry out a mission, Trump has called in a few favors. Not only will the American Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard be carrying out bombing missions and patterns,  Trump also phoned in Jet of Super Wings, Dusty of Planes, and his long-time college friend Starscream. The trio linked up with an American B-420-69 Stratosexoweedofortress. The team has been appropriately called “The Justice League.” The Justice League bombed Aleppo this afternoon at 8:11 p.m. EST.

In a tweet, Trump stated that first he’s taking out Syria, then he’s taking out that “yellow-bellied bitch K.J. Un.”

The patriots cheer for the liberation and freedom that the United States is providing to Syria, while the liberals claim that Trump is a racist, white male and all white men are scum, and that guns are bad, so the military should be entering these battles with words and an open mind unless the topic is anything that triggers a liberal.

More on this story as it develops.

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