Trump Responds to Montana Protestors

White House Trump Message

President Trump recently became one of nineteenĀ Presidents of the United States to visit Montana. Some have come to visit the beautiful wilderness, some have come to give speeches. Trump came to endorse Republican candidate Matt Rosendale.

Oddly enough, Trump chose Missoula, MT as his landing site to speak to crowds of thousands about the benefits of being President, white, and friends with Rosendale. He lauded Greg Gianforte's bodyslam of the invasive reporter who wouldn't take no for an answer. This praise is nothing to scoff at. Trump has been a WWE Superstar since the days of Andre the Giant. To receive his approval in regards to wrestling is no less beautiful than hearing it from Macho Man Randy Savage. What made Trump's choice in cities odd, was that Missoula, MT is a liberal town. The day Air Force One landed, many city counci members put down their yarn and picked up a sign to march in protest of the President. Some students made their way up Waterworks Hill to the "L" and changed it to "LIAR." Some students made their way up Mount Jumbo and turned the "M" into "IMPEACH."

None of this slowed ol' Forty-Five down. He hit the town running and left the crowd amazed. However, not being one to let people get the best of him, it appears that today Trump has retaliated by painting a clever saying of his own on the White House South Lawn. White House Horticulturists spotted Trump with a can of white paint and a brush this morning. "It was nothing I've ever seen. Presidents don't deal with the lawn, they pay us to do it. I wasn't sure if he was painting the lawn, trees, White House, etc. He had Marine One floating above with a camera so he could make sure it turned out perfect, I guess."

No official statement has been released. The Infinity +1 team has reached out to several agencies for word on the validity of the story.

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