Time Travel Evidence in Missoula, MT

Bugatti in old Missoula Photo

As the reconstruction of the Missoula Mercantile has neared completion, workers from the demolition team have come to light with photos found in the depths of the old basement.

Missoula's history is ridden with secret tunnels and links to the current opioid epidemic. None of this comes close to being as incredible as the image that was found in an Owl Cigar box inside the basement of the Missoula Mercantile.

Shown in the image is a photo of Missoula's famous Wilma Theatre, complete with Ford Model T's, railcars, and a 2017 Bugatti Veyron. The image was immediately taken to the University of Montana's history and evidentiary lab where it was found to be a true, unaltered image taken Leica Model "F" 35mm camera and developed in a Kodak lab in the 1930's.

No word has been given on how a new car could have appeared in the photo, but after hitting social media, people started noting that the railcar is also adorned with an "Uber" logo. This proves to be not only impossible, but now problematic for Uber founders as the intellectual property belongs to the Montana Department of Transportation. 

Infinity +1 Snews is not unfamiliar with time travel. In 2017, reporter Justin Hathaway was able to get an exclusive interview with a time traveler who had landed in Casper, WY and was apprehended by local authorities. (The video will be on this site soon, for now check YouTube and Casper Planet Post on Facebook)

More on this as it comes in.

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