Sharks Migrating to Montana

Freshwater Bullshark seen near Kelly Island
Freshwater Bullshark in Flathead Lake

The word shark only strikes fear to those who frequent the oceans. It now has a more broadened spectrum with which it can attack with fear. Cold water sharks have made their way into Montana.

Freshwater sharks have been seen regularly as far North as Colorado. That has changed. This year, there has already been five reports of shark sightings in Montana, coming from the Missouri River, the Clark Fork River, the Blackfoot River, and Flathead lake.

Not to be confused with the Flathead Lake monster, a tale that's been told for decades now, the freshwater bull shark has been inhabiting Flathead lake and has made its way through different tributaries and streams.

MTFWPS spokesman Hugh Jasse has issued a statement:

"This is nothing we haven't been preparing for. With the runoff we're having, and the high waters, it's not uncommon that a shark or two will make their way up stream from the Gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi, and across to Montana. We are cautioning those who attempt to enter the water. It's very cold and the sharks are aggressive. We were fortunate enough to send a diver down to get some photos of the cold-blooded bitch in her new habitat. We'll be attempting to locate all of these apex predators and safely kill them until they're dead."

Missoula is full of people who aren't bothered by the cold. At almost any point, you'll see surfers and kayakers on Brennan's Wake next to Caras Park. The high, cold water has brought them a new threat and we at Infinity +1 Snews wish them godspeed in their extreme sports ventures.

When reached out to about the incidents and sightings in Missoula, the Missoulian and Independent failed to answer or return our calls. Both major news stations have ignored us. We don't count the news team from KECI as actual news. We've been contacted by several concerned citizens. We're able to get a photo of one freshwater bullshark near Kelly Island in Missoula, MT. MTFWPS provided us with some images of a freshwater bullshark spotted in Flathead Lake.

More on this as it develops. Please approach the water with caution.

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