Senate Deadlock Turns Violent

A Wednesday Senate session ended in a violent outrage after a deadlock couldn't be moved.

Democrats and Republicans weren't the only dividing factors in Wednesday's meeting. Both factions had a divide as the topic arose of who won, Eminem or Machine Gun Kelly.

In the picture seen above, Montana Senators Tester (R) and Daines (D) can be seen exchanging blows amongst the crowd of diplomats. Tester's PR firm released a statement.

"Mr. Tester is firm in his belief that Machine Gun Kelly is a punk beyotch and has no business addressing a supreme lyricist such as Eminem. Anyone who thinks otherwise is bound to catch these hands, and that weird hook-finger thing Tester refers to as his hand. Check yourself before you wriggity-wreck yourself."

The bedlam was nothing shy of a WWE Wrestlemania, with chairs being thrown and senators jumping from desks to throw elbows at other senators and congressional pages. The scene lasted all of fifteen minutes before one smart senator started playing Bone Thugs and Harmony on his Beats speaker.

This goes to show that the country is further divided than we previously had thought. Our bipartisan system is now dismantling itself.

More on this as it comes in.


Photo from Novinite

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