Old Faithful Consumed by Hawaiian Sinkhole?!

Sinkhole where Old Faithful used to erupt

A sinkhole has opened up in Yellowstone National Park, draining Old Faithful.

A crowd was gathered to watch the punctual geyser erupt at 12:04 PM today, but instead of an eruption, they were met with a pseudo-implosion. The sound was described as a "loud fart" and then the ground started to disappear.

One bystander was too close and fell in, sustaining only minor injuries. No other casualties have been reported.

A recent connection between the Steamboat Geyser and Mount Kilauea has been established by geologists and now they're questioning if the impending big eruption has anything to do with the sinkhole formed at Old Faithful. Montana FWAP and the USGS have been on the site, testing water and rock for any further traces of minerals found only in the South Pacific.

At this time, it's been confirmed that there is, in fact, salt water with some minerals indigenous to the Hawaiian islands in the sinkhole where Old Faithful used to be.

Infinity +1 has reached out to several agencies for further word but has yet to get confirmation as to whether or not there is magma flowing.

More on this as it develops.

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