New Male Birth Control Available

The science behind birth control has been targeted at women for centuries. The only male option for contraception was the condom and the ever-famous Pull-And-Pray. All that has changed.

Glackso-Smith Klein has released a prophylactic contraception method that is the only 100% sure way to prevent pregnancy besides abstinence. The project name was "Gelding" but it's hitting shelves as "The Band."

Men simply wrap the band around their testicles as many times as possible, preventing the sperm from leaving. The Band can be worn for up to three days at a time and is reusable. Suggested retail value is set at $29.99, but expect that price to jump after users find the efficacy and ease of use.

G-SKl wants to remind everyone that The Band won't prevent sexual transmitted infections but that it can be used in conjunction with all condoms. G-SKl spokesperson, Ralph Cruise, has noted that this also affords men with the opportunity to look big by buying Magnum condoms and then securing them on with The Band.

The Band will be hitting store shelves in early April. Walgreen and CVS are taking preorders now.

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