Montana Church Pushing Politics

Montana's ignorance church
pastor with the 3 p's

It's been a long run since LBJ passed his amendment that prevents churches and other 501(c)(3) nonprofits from jamming political agenda down people's throats. The law was passed because people blindly follow a church in the name of faith. When a church has an agenda outside of the Bible, that faith is now twisted into a downward spiral of political power. This law has stood for over fifty years, with an attempt the stymie it last year. The motion was thrown out because it was being addressed at a tax meeting, not a meeting about first amendment rights.

Which brings up the other side of the debate: Freedom of Speech. Some see the Johnson Amendment as an attempt to shut down the political voice of people who don't pay taxes, which as of Trump's inauguration, strippers are now paying taxes and almost deserve a voice. It's been argued that churches should have the right to endorse whichever politician pays them the most to preach the gospel of their political agenda.

Upon some in depth research, it's been discovered that Thomas Jefferson wrote about the Separation of Church and State as a two-way street; meaning that not only can the state not tell the people who they can pray to, the church can't tell people who to vote for. It's not a complex situation, until you add ignorance.

A small-town Montana church called "ignorance" has been posting politcal agenda in their front lawn. They've been confronted about the issue and have presented pretty strong arguments that have never been heard such as, "we'll endorse any politician who believes in what we believe in. If a candidate is pro-life, we'll endorse them even if it destroys the lives of everyone who attends our church." This comes across to them as a sound argument, unless the core values of the statement are analyzed. They are basing their politcal endorsements not on the whole agenda of a candidate, but on one point made by the candidate. It's not a far-stretch to consider the potential downfall of man at the hands of church leaders who are bought by a politician and lead those who blindly follow them without question. Ignorance is openly endorsing SATAN to Congress and a Senate candidate who appears to be named Pedo***? The Facebook page for ignorance church recently posted that "if you don't endorse the same candidates who we endorse, enjoy hell."

Joel Osteen released a statement, "that's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em."

Attempts to reach out to ignorance have been met with hang-ups and we were told to say fifty hail mary's.

We'll be validating this story as we get more word, but from out Montana fans, we're hearing that the story is true.

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