Missoula Hires New City Planner

Missoula's City Planner

A majority decision vote by the city council came in tonight and a new city planner has been hired.

Asher Reeves, 9, has been appointed the Missoula City Planner after he showed excelling skills with a spirograph and a complete lack of knowledge about traffic flow.

The vote was only shadowed by the recent decision to make 5th St and 6th St into single-lane roads in order to make more room for bikes.

No word has come yet on when Reeves will officially start, but after his vote he turned in a blue and purple inked spirograph design that was rumored to become the layout for a subdivision being planned in Lower Miller Creek.

Infinity +1 Snews wishes our congratulations to the new city planner. The bar is set low, so he's really going to have to try to make this city worse.

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