Meeting Runs Late, Arts And Crafts Skipped

A Missoula City Council meeting ran late yesterday, dipping into the council's coveted arts and crafts time. 

City council member Jesse Ramos selfishly insisted that the budget not be approved as a whole, but each piece voted on individually. This method takes longer but lowers the chance of Chancellor John Engen to frivilously spend money on his own interests by lumping all items together and his spending going unnoticed. 

One city council member refused to let work get in the way of her crafts . Heather Harp was seen knitting during the last meeting that ran late. This has caused an uproar to some members of the community. 

Here at Infinity +1 Snews, we agree that it's not fair to expect the city council to work more than 20 hours a week. They don't get paid nearly enough to have to work so hard and not get their much deserved craft time. 

This meeting enacted the new budget that gave city council and Chancellor John Engen a much deserved raise. The amount of money Engen saves by not having a gym membership warrants a raise.

More on this as it comes in .

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