Massengill To Sponsor Vape Competition

Massengill Vape - Vinegar & Water

Despite the recent studies about the health issues caused by "vaping," it's popularity is growing rapidly. Companies are creating new products that hit the shelves weekly, designed to provide nicotine in a way that doesn't require tobacco.

The fad started in the early 2010's and exploded faster than anyone could have expected. Vapers (the term used to refer to one who uses a vape) started creating their own custom modifications to help make the biggest clouds, or plumes as they call them. This prompted the first Vape Competition, held in 2011 in Oakland, CA. The competition was centered around blowing out the largest, fullest plume possible. Not all vapers are competition worthy. Some simply do it to look like an idiot in public.

Hearing that their product has been associated with vapers, Massengill has entered the vape game. They're known for the line of feminine hygiene products and douches. Set to launch in Q1 of 2019, Massengill will create their first vape. It's design has two main parts; the main tank is called the bag, and the coil/mouthpiece is called the nozzle. The debut of the "Vinegar & Water" (the name of their vape) will happen at the Massengill 500 Vape Competition, hosted by Chad Kroeger. Each competitor will receive a free "Vinegar & Water" and the winner will receive a lifetime of their signature vape-juice, Country Flowers.

A statement from Massengill notes that they're not limiting themselves to vapes, but will possibly consider a teamup with Affliction to put on a lifted diesel truck competition.

Entry forms for the competition will be made available online when the date of the event is set.

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