Man Bets He Can Not Drink For One Year

A Livingston, MT man recently entered into a bet that he will go without alcohol for 365 days. 

Albert Murdock, a Montana native, has been drinking since he was seventeen and hasn't gone a day without at least one drink. He says, "it'll be a long year, but I can do it. I have to do it."

The bet is against the Yellowstone County judge. After a recent indecent exposure incident, Murdock was taken to jail where his blood-alcohol volume was .31. The judge ordered him to 365 days of sobriety and AA meetings. If Murdock fails, he'll be sent to jail for six months and spend the next two years on probation.

"I'm a gambler," said Murdock. "The stakes are high, but I'm not afraid of a little wager here and there. It's gonna come as a big shock to that judge when I win and he's left looking like an idiot!"

Murdock's attorney has urged him to stop referring to his sentence as a wager against the judge, but Murdock has shown no signs of slowing.


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