Local Man Hears Seven Nation Army Too Much

Seven Nation Army
Luke Denning

Missoula, MT native, Luke Denning, has been haunted by the catchy tune that rocked clubs in the early 2000s. 

"It was the first song that came on while I was getting ready this morning. Then it popped on again when I was getting my coffee at Starbucks. I thought that was it. There's no way one song can come on three times in one day, especially when it's fifteen years old. Low and behold, I was driving home and someone next to me at a stop light was blasting it. I couldn't believe it! I didn't know the White Stripes even existed anymore. They got me today, that's for sure," Luke said.

Infinity +1 Snews had looked into the likelihood that a song that old could pop up so many times in one day. MIT scientists have calculated the odds at 1:2405 that a song can be played independently that many times in a day.

"I should buy a lottery ticket. I can't get over this," said Luke. "I think the lead singer is John White. That guy... he can write quite the tune. I plan on buying the album on iTunes. I might make it my ringback too."

Infinity +1 Snews will follow up with Mr. Denning to ensure that no other classic hits have haunted him.

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