Local Bouncer Cheats on Facebook Quiz, Still Fails

Local bouncer, Brandon, aka Chief, a slightly racist moniker which he embraces, has once again taken a Facebook quiz. As previous results have confirmed, he's doomed to fail them. This time, however, is a different story.

The quiz was about Marvel Superheros. Brandon borrowed a phone and looked up the answers. Not realizing that he was looking up DC Comics, Brandon answered all of the questions wrong. Normally, he would just exit out of the quiz without posting his results. This time was different. He accidentally posted his results and tagged all both of his friends.

For over five years now, Brandon has been sliding down the learning curve of social media, like the banana splits. He may get an F- on his Facebook quiz, but us at Infinity +1 Snews give him an A+ for effort.

Keep trying, big guy. Don't let 40 or 50 failures keep you down.

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