Kim Jong Un Makes Rodman-esque Appearance Change

Kim Jong Un looking like Dennis Rodman

Kim Jon Un has recently agreed to peace terms with South Korea, stating Donald Trump as an inspiration but also giving credit to his American counterpart, Dennis Rodman.

In a recent interview, Un stated that a driving factor for promoting peace was to come to America and watch a Bulls game with his main man. He had started undergoing wardrobe and aesthetic changes shortly after the signing of the peace treaty.

Part of the agreement drafted by Donald Trump included a lifetime, courtside season ticket to the Chicago Bulls home games. Originally, Un was pushing for all games, but Trump was able to whittle him down to only attending home games, forcing him to purchase tickets to all away games.

Watch for Un to be the "Jack Nicholson" of the Chicago Bulls, closely adorned by ex-Bull, Dennis Rodman.

This sparks the question, should Rodman also be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize?

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