Kevin Bacon wins Japanese Fighting Fish Tournament

Worldwide Japanese Fighting Fish Deathmatch
Kevin Bacon poses with his fish Sushi Nintendo

The 100th year celebration of the Worldwide Japanese Fighting Fish Deathmatch was nothing shy of a blockbuster. Normally reserved for the elite from the Eastern part of the globe, this year they opened the doors up for celebrities worldwide.

Held at the Unagi Temple in Shinto Gi, Japan. the WJFFD was graced by the debutante with faces like Kanye West, Meryl Streep, and Boy George. The biggest shock was the number of celebrities who competed. An even bigger shock was the celebrity who won.

Uncrowning Suzuki Miyagi, the 22-year champion, Kevin Bacon ran through the competition in the one-day, winner-take-all death tournament. His fish, a Maroon Combtail named Sushi Nintendo, made short work of each competitor including the long reigning champion.

The tournament lasts one day with fish having up to eight death matches in that time. The fish are put in a mixture of water and phencyclidine to send them into a rage. They are then put in a 1-gallon tank and the lights come on. Each match lasts between two minutes and one hour. The prevailing fish is allowed to eat his competitor before being scooped up and prepped for the next battle.

This year's event is set to air on ESPN8 - The Ocho on Sunday, June 31st.

Us at Infinity +1 Snews would like to send a congratulatory thank you to Kevin Bacon for his win and for putting America on the top of the world battle rankings.

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