The iPhone X Can Debunk Fake News

The iPhone X has come out with a new feature to help consumers in the battle against fake news.

Apple sent out a press release today that states the iPhone X will come equipped with a fake news testing procedure. To check for fake news, simply fill a glass with normal tap water. Go to the news in question and insert your phone into the water. If the water turns blue, the news is fake.

Users can now know instantly whether or not their news is from a credible source. This works with all news outlets, as your phone goes into "fact check mode" as soon as it is submerged in water. Each phone is released with a dye pack, similar to the dye used in Berry Blast Mio. Once the phone is in "fact check mode," it will scour the internet for sources to find out whether or not what you're reading is true. If the phone turns off, you know the news was from a credible source. If the water turns blue, you're looking at fake news and shouldn't trust it.

Apple said they'll be releasing more security measures to help users move forward in their pursuit of truth.

More on this as it develops.

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