Hate Groups Attempt to Expecto Patronum

Harry Potter White Power Shield

White supremacy groups have been known to steal different historic symbols and use them to represent their hate-filled ideologies. Most commonly, Norse runes and symbols are being used to represent the Aryan nation and different Alt-Right groups. It seems that these racist groups have the power to steal any symbol and ruin it for the rest of the world.

A group known as the "Three Percenters" have started using the "okay" symbol to represent their group. This symbol has been used by frat boys and partiers for years. The goal was simple: have someone look at your finger and thumb forming a circle and if they do, they get hit in the nuts. The hand sign is now a representation of hate and the game is forever ruined.

Most recently, a group can be seen protesting the black clouds of Hurricane Florence. Led by notorious Alt-Right loudmouth Richard Spencerr, groups can be seen holding shields adorned with the symbols of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The groups were chanting spells to attempt to turn the clouds white and were waving wands around.

Spencerr has agreed that this is a new wave of symbols being used to represent the Aryan brotherhood. "It makes sense that the KKK is led by a Grand Wizard, and Hogwarts is also led by a Grand Wizard. Not only are wizards closely tied to white supremacy, the white beard of Dumbledore is the ultimate sign of the perfect race. Those who wish to join our groups will now be wisped away on a train to our version of Hogwarts, which is a neatly decorated garage in my friend Tony's backyard."

We have yet to hear from the liberal movement against people like Spencerr. Surely something must be done to prevent all of the symbols tied to great works of fiction from being stolen and used to represent hate.

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