French Yellow Vest Revolution Hits Montana

Yellow Vest Revolution in Missoula, MT

The yellow vest movement has swept across France as a signal of the rebellion against France being a part of the European Union. The movement has spread across Europe and has now reignited the Brexit movement. The movement claims that the rioting and clashes with police are because the citizens are upset about the government's taxation and regulations over the citizens.

Many have asked why the United States hasn't followed suit. Hit by high taxes and innate regulations that seem to benefit the 1% and punish everyone else, the United States seems to be placated by sports and entertainment. That is, until Wednesday, December 12th. The yellow vest revolutionaries have sent moles to the United States to start a rebellion against the government. The first activist was found in Missoula, MT. Normally an accountant by day, Thelma Johnston of Missoula, MT has started the movement. Seen in the photo above, Thelma is recruiting more to join her cause. Her philosophy is to get everyone, especially the youth. "They're impressionable," Thelma says. "They just want to have fun, and if you tell them that this movement will take down the man, they jump right in. By the end of the month, I anticipate that at least four schools will have students rioting and destroying public property."

Shortly after Thelma started her movement, another citizen was seen wearing a yellow vest and holding a French flag. Sources indicate that this man is not connected to the yellow vest movement, he's just a bad dresser and likes crepes. Thelma spoke with the man. "He said he doesn't care about politics, he's upset because he can't get a crepe in Missoula."

Will Missoula be tinder that explodes into a worldwide riot that parallels the movement taking place in France? That will be told in the near future. 

Infinity +1 Snews asks that we all stay vigilant and if riots start taking place, remember to protect your family. 

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