Fortnite Servers Go Down - Mountain Dew Sales Drop

Fortnite and Mountain Dew are registered trademarks

Fortnite boasts roughly 250,000,000 players that rely on constant monitoring of servers to insure steady traffic and a good connection. All of that came crashing down tonight when the servers randomly dropped and players weren't allowed to play.

Fortnite has set the pace for arena based shooting games, rising above PUBG and the growing Apex Legends. A server malfunction is the last thing an industry leader wants with fierce competition biting at their heels the whole time.

Just two hours after the servers went down, Pepsi reported a drastic drop in Mountain Dew sales, while Trojan reported an increase in sales. 

Our team has reached out to Epic, Pepsi, and Trojan to confirm these numbers and will follow up with our readers when we receive word.

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