Country Star Ruins Gala

Country Music Icon Garth Brooks

Country music icon Garth Brooks is still not accepting responsibility for ruining a black-tie affair by showing up in boots.

In a shocking revelation, it's been over 28 years since Garth Brooks bragged about ruining the party with his wardrobe. He's still pushing the liability off to his family claiming, "blame it all on my roots." It comes as no surprise that he's failed to stand up and apologize for his atrocious behavior in the late 1980s. Having gone through a "rough patch" and changing his name to Chris Gaines, Brooks has touted that he doesn't intend to ever take the credit for ruining someone's big day, as it was the way of his forefathers.

The family who was throwing the party claims Brooks wasn't even invited, and the bride said he was "the last one you thought you'd see there." Several guests report that Brooks was drinking whiskey to drown his blues and beer to chase them away. One guest has reached out and noted that Brooks did, at one point, claim that he "didn't mean to cause a big scene" and that he'd be leaving in an hour. On his way out, Brooks noted that he was going to get "as high as that ivory tower you're living in."

Brooks has been known more recently for shocking fans at his shows with altruistic acts. He's even given one Billings, MT douche a guitar.

Infinity +1 Snews has reached out to Mr. Brooks. He has yet to reply. More on this as it develops.

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