California Wildfires Face Biggest Problem

California Wildfire
Nestle Water

The fires in California have grown exponentially and destroyed entire cities in the past week. Coming in short of Federal funding, the firefighters are losing an uphill battle against the raging inferno. Money isn't the biggest obstacle preventing the fires from being extinguished; Verizon has openly admitted to throttling the WiFi Hotspots used by fire crews on the site. That's nothing compared to the hurdle thrown in front of the crews today.

Nestle CEO Mark Shinder has announced in a press conference that he's no longer allowing the fire crews to use his water for free. Having a major share of most California lakes and streams, Shinder has proposed that the fire crews, local governments, or Federal governments pay him a substantial price for his water. He's stated that, "water isn't a right" and that "there's plenty of ocean right there that can be used if they don't want to pay for my water."

The conference was held today at 7:30 pm GMT. Having their internet bandwidth slowed down to a crawl, the news won't hit fire crews until mid-afternoon on Friday.

More on this as it develops.

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