Butte's Berkeley Pit Potable

Jackson Storm drinks from the Berkeley Pit
Berkeley Pit visitor Booth

The Berkeley Pit in Butte, MT has been notoriously poisonous for over 30 years now. Coming in at a half mile long, 1800' deep, the pit is filled with 900' of highly acidic, poisonous water. Just last year, it consumed a flock of Canadian geese that landed on their trek back home. The pH level of the water is roughly the same as lemon juice, and can consume an aluminum boat in just under two hours.

Operations to clean up the pit began in the early 90s, but were thwarted when all attempts were met with eroded and destroyed machines. That is now a thing of the past. The pit has been cleaned.

Starting on January 14th, 2018 and coming to an enthusiastic conclusion on May 31st, 2018, the group Cleaning Under Nano Technologies has finally brought the pit to its knees. The pH has been balanced, the water has been stripped of all chemicals and the town of Butte, MT can enjoy a beautiful aquifer to quench their thirst and provide summer entertainment.

It was no small embarking that made this project happen. Jackson Storm of C.U.N.T. has said, "this wouldn't have happened without a large amount of cooperation from the people of Butte. We worked grueling hours. If there was a single good looking woman in this town, it may have provided a distraction for our team. Luckily, we were able to clean the Berkeley Pit before finding an attractive female in Butte, MT."

Now being full of potable water, it'll be up to the city of Butte to decide whether or not the natural springs that filled the pit will be tapped into for city water, or if they'll be nothing more than an old landmark.

Storm has cautioned that they don't recommend entering the pit, ever. The water may be drinkable, but birds poop in it. Think about that.

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