Businesses Still Using Papyrus Font

The days of hiring a designer to help create a beautiful display for business signage is over. With the advancement of technology, entrepreneurs now hold the power to create and market their own logos and brands from their personal computers. At first, the selection of fonts was minimal. The obvious choice was something with a serif, like Times New Roman. Some businesses wanted to portray a more lackadaisical environment and would settle for the ever-hated Comic Sans. As time moved on, the standard font packages grew and suddenly the world was struck with Papyrus.

Papyrus is a versatile font, being used by businesses ranging from salons to restaurants. It was a mature font that presented the viewer with an idea that the business was adult owned and responsible. Soon, that theme was desired by more businesses and Papyrus was sent skyrocketing faster than Bitcoin in 2017. Much like Bitcoin, the hype outweighed the value and the market crashed.

The end of Papyrus was close, until small businesses continued to open up and continued to use the font on their signage. Ranked #1 on the list of Worst Fonts Ever, Papyrus has shockingly hung on to its place in society by tricking new business owners into thinking that they'll look competent and fancy.

In a world where Chiller has gone the way of the 8-track, what will it take to put the final nail in the coffin for such horrible fonts such as Papyrus? Saturday Night Live even did a sketch about the horrors of using Papyrus, and yet local spas are throwing it up faster than a bulimic girl at a buffet.


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