Believewomen Hashtag Hurting Business of Positive Pregnancy Test Sales

“It used to be, I’d wake up in the morning and pee on a whole value pack of pregnancy tests” claims Shanda Turner, 6 months pregnant. “I’d get the orders overnight and send them off in the mail that same day. Hell, I was making more in a day than my baby’s daddy at the construction site. Women are desperate to deceive their men.”

But Shanda’s lucrative income source has started to dry up with the recent changes in the political climate. Movements on social media such as #believeallwomen and #womendontlie have raised some questions on the larger practice of believing women.

Suddenly men are doubting these test results and demanding they take the test again in their presence. Believe all women has suddenly come to mean the opposite, ie. Women are dirty liars that will stop at nothing to rope you into a lifelong commitment to take care of them. What changed? Men are starting to pay attention.

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