Invasive Species Spreads to North Platte in Wyoming

Grey Unclcouzin Invasive Species - Infinity +1 Snews

First Invasive Species Caught In North Platte In 7 Years The Southern Grey Unclcouzin Fish

Early Thursday morning, fisherman Joe Bob was out fishing the North Platte in Mills when he noticed a strange fish swimming in circles.

Joe said in a statement, "I done noticed a pickular fish just swamming in circles, I threw everything I had at it, and nothing, so I reached in my lunch bag and grabbed a piece of boudin, threw it on that their hook and whamo! Dang fish went all chromosomes on me! Got it in da net and was shook bud."

The fish that was caught is a backwoods southern fish, known as the Grey Unclcouzin fish. Its known to inhabit southern swamps and has never been found this far north, leaving the fish and game to think it was implanted here. The fish usually only live to a year old because they are unable to catch prey or scavenge for food due to their brain capacity and the amount of inbreeding the fish has done over the last 50 years.

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