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Game of Thrones enters McDonald's - Infinity +1 Snews

In the wake of a brutal start to their final season, the cast and crew of Game of Thrones has kept everything locked down. Rumors of the season leaking online were squashed early on leaving pirates searching for a treasure that didn't exist. We all have to wait for the next episode to find out what happens. Until now.

A recent photo that was anonymously leaked to Infinity +1 Snews shows a gripping scene from the upcoming episode. After the last episode, viewers took to the internet to point out a Starbucks cup that was accidentally left on set. Or was it? It appears that with his ability to time travel, Bran Stark has also learned how to bring other people with him.

The scene shows some familiar faces in a not so familiar place. Westeros is home to extravagant food and beverage but nobody could have guessed what they had in store. It appears that McDonald's has spread it's wings across the globe AND the seven kingdoms. Here we see Cercei, apparently dethroned, taking orders for what can only be assumed to be a kid's meal. Not one to be left out, we see Arya in the back obviously upset that they forgot to put her sauce in her bag. Leave it to Arya to kill over some missing Sweet & Sour.

Fans have started reaching out and the buzz is still coming. Has George R. R. Martin made a grave mistake in turning over creative control to HBO? Our sources say the Starbucks cup wasn't an accident. The cup was left intentionally, at a "stark" price. Coming in at $3.4 million dollars, it's the most expensive cameo yet. 

We have no word as to whether or not McDonald's has paid the "iron price" to get their establishment into Westeros.

More on this as it develops.

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