What ever happened to Elian Gonzalez?

Denver Planet has the shocking inside scoop!


Documents released today from the US immigration and customs enforcement revealed that Elian Gonzalez has been living under the assumed name of Elon Musk!  You read that right folks, Elian’s alias is Elon!


During a weekend news dump, the practice used by the government to fully disclose the most egregious of stories while America is distracted with college football, cocktails and little black dresses, ICE released a list of high profile illegal aliens that also included such names as Michael Meyers, Justin Bieber and C3PO.  We are as shocked as you are.


“We knew something was amiss when this nobody appeared and became the most high profile figures in the undercover LaRaza movement.  He is clearly using so called ‘self driving’ cars to kill off European Americans.” Said John Smith, secretary to the director of public relations administrative assistant.


Mr “Musk” (pictured receiving a junior achievement award from former president Clinton) was unavailable for comment.

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