Recent Wave of Militant Feminism Linked to one Douchebag!

According to a statement recently released by Wanda Paternia, Director of Inclusion at the Denver University Center for Wommon’s studies,  a majority of middle aged inductees over the last couple of years all have one thing in common. 


Juan Cisterci. (Pictured)


#douchecanoe is the latest anti-man campaign, mostly targeted at this one guy.


“We all have basically the same story. He charmed our pants off, then ghosted” said one new feminazi, who asked to remain anonymous on the off chance he remembers her number.


Anyone with information pertaining to the whereabouts of Mr. Cisterci is asked to call the main office of the Center for Wommon’s studies and ask for Cami.  She really wants to get in touch with him.   She is begging you.


Mr. Cisterci was unavailable for comment. But we understand with soccer mom season in full swing, he is on the prowl.

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