Kaitlyn Jenner dresses up as Olympic gold medal winner for posh Halloween party

Some say that it is beneath someone that holds such high honor as “Woman” of the Year to dress up for Halloween, but we found it inspiring.


“I think it is great to dream of Olympic stardom when you live in times as bleak as these” said Marcia Makepeace, former town council member in Denver Planet’s home town of Globeville. “We would have preferred a more inclusive, yet less Culturally misappropriated costume.  Like dressing up as a tomato”


Kaitlyn was later seen, in costume, putting up Christmas lights on her jersey shore bungalow.  We salute your dedication to out of order holiday spirit, Mz Jenner!


Remember kids, safety first! Don’t eat anything home made, anything that looks tampered with, and most of all, don’t eat any candy that has a green cross stamped on the package.  That is made with the whacko tobacco, the Devil’s lettuce.  It will kill you. 


For your safety, Denver Planet is developing a disposal system for said tainted candies.  There will be a drop box in our office, please ask for Howie.


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