Hey Father Siri?


A new shortcut for iPhones that support iOS 12 is taking the Catholic world by storm.


 SacerdosSiri, the name given to the app by the Holy Father, will be released in time for Christmas, to enable a guilt free holiday.


Among the features found in SacerdosSiri are confessional reminders, hearing confession, offering of the Eucharist and Celebrating Mass.  The last feature only available for Wednesday night Mass.


No word as of yet about how “SacerdosSiri” and alter boy relations are going to be handled.


Unfortunately, this great new app is only available for iOS users. But we understand that the Jesuit Order and the Black Pope are working on an Android only version.  Check back for more information on that!


Apple has set up a special chat box for users who feel they have been inappropriately touched by their new app.




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