Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

  In a statement released by the Lower Downtown Peoples of International Inclusion (LoDoPii), the demand for the removal of “Wan” from Kwanzaa is an absolute necessity to ensure that no persun feels left out of America’s 8th largest December Holiday.


“Henceforth, ‘Have a Kwanzian K’zaa’ (or whatever the appropriate greeting is) shall be the only acceptable expression of this holiday greeting.


张 刘, spokespersun for LoDoPii said late last evening “people of all races, creed, color, gender (all 71 of facebook’s recognised genders) and religions should feel included and comfortable with every holiday.  With the almost universal refusal to just accept ‘Season’s Greetings’ as the phrase we find socially neutral enough, we decided to change them all.  Hanukkah will be next”


Some say that this is going too far and that only white, Anglo Saxon holidays should be targeted for censorship, and we at Denver Planet  couldn’t agree more! 

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