Free Range Citizens Have a New Home!

In a bill introduced by Rep Wayman Stedenko  (D VT) will create a Safe Space for the “Sovereign Citizens” in America.


The Safe Space will be more of a sanctuary where the SC movement can live free of the oppression that the US Constitution forces them to live under.  If the bill passes, it will create a 2000 acre reservation in northern North Dakota that will have a couple of rivers, a reservoir and a free tent dispenser. (One per free range loo- err “citizen”) Travelers and un-suppressed alike will ba able to exist in the peace and harmony that abounds in the most basic parts of human nature.


The bill will also allow for the immediate transport of any and all members of the movement upon declaration to local law enforcement of their “traveling sovereign citizen” status. The uninsured, unregistered cars they are driving will be sold at auction to defray the expense of their transport. 


“We are confident that the Constitutional history center will quickly educate these good people.” Said  Congresspersun Stedenko in a statement to Denver Planet


Please join us in calling your congresspersuns in support of this bill.

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