Fort Collins PD Releases List of Acceptable “Firework Alternatives”


With the recent years of extended drought and semi-arid climate anyway, the potential for fire is an ever present threat.  In response, City Council has determined that the potential risk is far too great and a total banning of all fireworks was necessary. 


In a statement released by city council spokesmodel, Olga Martinez-O’Reilly “We wanted to deter the temptation to engage on the growing of snakes or the delight of contraband sparklers, so we put together a list of potential fines that equal the average homeowner’s insurance loss deductibles” 


In a community outreach effort, Fort Collins PD put together a list of safe alternatives that include, but are not limited to Cyalume Glow Sticks and LED flashlights with a strobe feature.


Let’s all get together to make this Independence Day safe, sound and fire free!  


Also, Maybe even giving Fort Collins’ Finest a boring night at work and one that doesn’t end with my chihuahuas freaking out and peeing all over the couch would be great!  

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