Yellowstones Tourist Season Is Dumber Than Ever

Spring is here and Yellowstone is open, prompting tourists from all over the world to flock to one of nature’s most impressive wildlife parks. With that comes people unfamiliar with wildlife boundaries, such as placing a baby bison in their car because it was cold, or the famed, “let’s see how high up in the air this bison can flip me”. This years Darwin Award tourist season looks like it is raising the bar set by a tourist couple from California.

Sara Vagine and Mike Bobs made it their goal last year to visit Yellowstone this year, they saved up their money, rented a car and packed their bags for the great West. After a three day extended trip and a few wrong turns, the couple found themselves at the North Gate of Yellowstone in Montana, where they proceeded through the park viewing all its glory such as old faithful, the lava geyser and hot springs, but as they were on their way to their cabin, Sara spotted a lost dog walking down the side of the road. They pulled up alongside of the “lost dog” and noticed it had not collar or tags, so it must have broken free and ran away from its owners. That’s when Sara lured the timmed pooch into her car with a piece of jerky, after 25 minutes of coaxing the puppy into the vehicle, they were on their way to find the owners, that’s when Sara snapped this selfie and posted it to her social media page with the title, “In the middle of Yellowstone and we found this scared lost dog, going to go find the owner”. That was the last photo taken of the two before they were rushed to the nearest hospital via ambulance. 

A press release from the hospital states, “The couple attacked by a wolf they put in their car are expected to survive, they Recieved several lacerations and bites to their hands, torso and legs, they will be moved out of ICU later this evening”

Don’t be a tourist, be a nature observer....from afar.


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