Wild Horse Season Announced By FHWP

FHWP has announced its very first, “Wild Horse Season”, which will put special tags up for auction that will allow a single hunter to harvest a Wild Horse. FHWP spokesman Homer Sectual said,”The Wild Horse population has skyrocketed out of control in the last few years and the cost of maintaining The herd has become un-manageable due to the lack of funds coming from the energy industry. Adopting the horses out to local ranchers is no longer an option due to the cost and resources involved in capturing them and vet care. This new way will be cost efficient and produce money, making it a better option.”. The tags will be auctioned off world wide, giving everyone, local and afar a chance to take part in this once in a lifetime event.

These wild horses, that inhabit land between Muddy Gap and Rawlins have been protected for centuries causing their numbers to climb at an alarming rate. The last study put their numbers at 1,437 wild horses. The horses have begun to cause trouble on bordering ranches, as one rancher named Fondal Scocs says, “These horses use to manageable but now they come in and harass my livestock, just last week, one come into my yard, knocked me unconscious and tried mating with me, there was only one person I let do that and my brother passed away 10 years ago. The FHWP is doing right by puttin these tags out, it will thin the numbers and help out the economics.”

As with everything new, and the current state of this country, we are sure this new hunt will cause backlash from people, but should they be so quick to judge? Will the west coast come in with a pedicured fist to rally against this?

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