White Man Creates Spiciest Ice Cream In The World

A local white man Sereo Type has created the spiciest ice cream, he has been obsessed with creating the worlds spiciest ice cream for well over a decade. Sereo started out using the worlds hottest peppers, yet he found them to not be that spice he was searching for. Sereo also experimented with types of acid and peppers but still not the correct mixture, then one day, it hit him.

Sereo was sitting in his newly constructed, overpriced retro studio apartment when he asked himself this, “What’s spicy to me?”, boom, he said, “it was like a hip old factory light bulb going off in my head, a big one that’s super trendy! The spiciest thing in the world is mayonnaise and water!”. Sereo immediately began the process of creating his spiciest ice cream in the world by mixing his mayonnaise and cream together to create the smoothest and spiciest ice cream the world has ever tasted. The next flavor was water, he had to create a machine that made ice cream texture ice to serve in small scoops due to the spice of this particular flavor.


Sereo currently has a kick starter created and has raised $100.00 towards his $50,000 goal for creating his new urban style creamery to promote his love for the spice of life, mayonnaise and water. He has 3 new flavors but is keeping them under lock and key Until his creamery is opened.

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